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Working Together to Protect Your Patients


Take advantage of these complimentary marketing campaigns from Elanco.

These FREE emails provide great reminders to help keep your patients protected and compliant. They are sent automatically through AllyDVM, meaning less work for your clinic!

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Core Vaccines Template*
(*also available in feline only)
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Lepto Vaccine Template
Lyme Vaccine Template

Terms & Conditions: 

•    Customers not using Elanco core vaccines must purchase 250 doses of Elanco vaccines during the program dates to be eligible for campaign. 

•    Customers not using Elanco Lyme and/or Lepto vaccines must purchase at least one tray of the applicable Elanco vaccine during the program dates to be eligible for that campaign. 


•    Customers can be enrolled in both the Elanco Parasiticide Synergy Program and the Elanco Synergy  Vaccine Compliance Program.

MWI, Elanco and ALLYDVM care about the security and safety of your practice data. All client and patient information will only be used by ALLYDVM to fulfill campaigns. This data will not be sold or shared for any reason.


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